Schumacher, the news arrives that no one wanted to hear: it really happened

Fans of Michael Schumacher, the most famous champion in Formula One history and known for his commitment and involvement with the Ferrari team, have been waiting for news about him for a long time. And just a little while ago one arrived.

Schumacher news

After his retirement, nothing was the same as before, with all due respect to the new riders. Formula One is what it is today thanks to champions like Michael Schumacher, who will never be forgotten. Despite the lack of news of the star in recent years, fans have never said goodbye to him.

A memory that will never fade

Few drivers have left a mark in the history of sport like the German Michael Schumacher. By a very ugly irony of fate, after years of racing on the circuit aboard powerful and dangerous racing cars, he fell into a deep coma after a “boring” skiing accident. But the legend of the German driver, always with a smile on his face, has certainly not faded from the memories of his fans.

Ferrari F2003 –

Born in 1969, Schumacher will be remembered forever not only by Formula One fans, but also by those who support Ferrari. THE five world titles won with the Italian car they made him the most victorious driver of the Red Team, a truly enviable record. He also won two championships with Benettonthus becoming, together with Lewis Hamilton, the most successful driver of all time.

A silence that has lasted for years

As you know, since December 2013 Schumi is unfortunately hospitalized in probably very serious conditions after an accident while skiing in the French resort of Meribel, where he was on vacation. The conditions of the pilot are not known, but 10 years have passed since the news was spread.

He will probably never walk again and will never appear in public again, but of course we will always stand with the hope that this will not be the case. Just a few days ago, Sotheby’sa well-known automobile auction house, has put something of the driver up for sale.

A great opportunity for sale

There Ferrari F2003-GA, Schumi’s sixth overall winning single-seater, will soon be auctioned. This was announced by the main magazines, including the American one, which is always the first to know about these things. The car is not only a tribute to the great Schumacher driver, but also to Gianni Anieri, from whom it takes its name.

It is not the first time that a very precious and desired car appears in the RM Sotheby’s catalog: the Ferrari F1 of 2003the car in which Michael Schumacher won his sixth world title, is a special car, or perhaps a collector’s most important and fascinating desire.

Ferrari F1 2003

Details of the Ferrari F1 2003

There F2003-GA, designed by Rory Byrne and Ross Brawn, follows in the footsteps of the previous year’s Ferrari F1, but incorporates several new features, including a longer wheelbase to improve aerodynamics and differentiate itself from rival Williams. The engine, a 052, is also slightly different from its predecessor, a 3-liter V10 with 845 hp and capable of reaching 19,000 rpm.

But the 2003 Ferrari F1, which led Michael Schumacher to his sixth world title, has other particular characteristics besides numbers. The name F2003-GA already recalls Gianni Agnelli, who died in January of the same year. But there is also the frame 229 which constitutes the skeleton of the specimen that will soon be auctioned by RM Sotheby’s. This frame is the most successful of the six F2003-GAs and is “Red Book” certified.

A history of victories

But to get a more concrete and precise picture of the value of these cars, we need to retrace their history, their successes: on May 4th Michael Schumacher won the his first win of the season in the Spanish Grand Prix and the next day he took pole position and victory in the Austrian Grand Prix. On both occasions with the F2003-GA with the chassis numbered 229 which will be auctioned at RM Sotheby’s.

After a somewhat bitter result in the difficult city of Munich, where the German champion finished third, Schumacher and his Ferrari F1 with the same chassis returned to win the Canadian Grand Prix on 15 June.

Three wins in four days of competition they meant that they were worth a half mortgage on the final win, which was not at all easy due to a series of grand prixes in which the driver was unable to find victory.

After driving chassis 231 with the F2003-GA in England, Germany and Hungary, Michael Schumacher returned to chassis 229 at Monza to take pole position, fastest lap and victory in front of the home crowd. A triumph that was repeated the following week and ended with the world title.

The auction date is set for November 9, 2022 during Sotheby’s Luxury Week and undoubtedly represents one of the most interesting and anticipated events of the year for the London auction house.

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