This spy is very dangerous, NEVER ignore it: this is what happens

Every warning light that comes on on the car display indicates something very important that should never be underestimated.

Dashboard warning light
Dashboard warning light –

If you underestimate it the lighting of some lights in particularyou run the risk of staying on foot wherever you are, spending double the amount you could spend by intervening right away.

On the car display you can turn on many lights, some of little importance that must still be analyzed, others that indicate a medium-serious problem and still others that instead must immediately turn on our alarm bell.

The lights that come on often, here are what they are and what they indicate

One of the lights that come on often is that of the steering, in this case you have to slow down and pay particular attention to noises every time you turn the steering wheel. The alarm is greater if there are leaks. It may also happen that the automatic gearbox failure warning light is on, in this case you have to try to understand if there are any humming or particular noises that increase every time you accelerate.

The gear changes they must never be abrupt. If there are any leaks, it is advisable to immediately seek the help of a technician or a specialist to put the automatic transmission in the hands of a real expert. Then you can also find the oil temperature light on, if it is too high, you risk the worst. That’s why even in this case you need to contact the nearest or competent workshop.

Another light that comes on often, but which does not necessarily indicate a serious malfunction, is that of the lights, generally it indicates the malfunction of the rear lights, which indicate braking. Obviously it is dangerous to travel by car in these conditions, but it is easily recovered.

The most frightening light is that of the engine, that’s what happens

If there is a warning light that should be particularly fearful it is that of the engine, when it comes on it warns that in the engine injection system, there is a malfunction. You risk serious breakdown of the car engine, so you must continue at minimum speed to go to the first available workshop and carry out a 360 ° check if you do not want to remain on foot away from home or find yourself having to change the machine as soon as possible.

In the end, another noteworthy light is the one that indicates the generic failure of the vehicle. In this case it is not possible to indicate a particular piece that has something wrong, but it is certain that the car has a defect that needs checks and attention over time.

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