Petrol at € 1.20, everyone rushing to refuel here: you don’t waste money anymore

Italian citizens now have an alternative to refuel and pay very little. There is a place where petrol costs € 1.20. Only those who are more enterprising will get in the car and join him in order to save money.

Petrol for one and twenty euros
Petrol for one and twenty euros – Motori.News

These days the government of Ljubljana has decided to freeze the price of fuel. For this reason, many Italian citizens could soon go to refuel with petrol pushing across the border.

From September 27th it is cheaper organize a trip by car to refuel with petrol in Slovenia, rather than doing it in Italy by spending practically twice as much. There are those who have already done so, so much so that on Google Trends, one of the most common searches is gasoline in Slovenia.

How convenient is it to buy petrol or diesel in Slovenia? Here are the prices

Many things have changed in Slovenia, for example at the moment you can buy a liter of diesel for 1.603 eurosor a liter of petrol at € 1.353 figures that have not been seen in Italy for a while now.

The saving on diesel is 0.158 cents per liter, while on petrol it is 0.303 cents. Since in Italy petrol and diesel have reached the cost of 2 € per liter, many things have changed. Many citizens, for example, avoid using the car in order not to waste fuel by choosing to travel on public transport where possible.

Young people go to school exclusively by public transport, just like those who go to work. In general, we give up on going out with private vehicles and independence in order to get to the end of the month. Many things have changed, the standard of living, habits, nothing is the same as before. Despite the bonuses and various state aid, all families are in obvious difficulty. As if that weren’t enough, then, there are scams that make everything even more difficult.

Cutting and excise duties, all the concessions on petrol

The decision of the Slovenian government chaired by Robert Golob, who today holds the role of representative of the center-left Freedom Movement party, was clear, precise, clear-cut. The representative imposed a drop in fuel prices to help all Slovenian citizens to cope with a difficult situation. The rise in prices has also put them in difficulty. And who knows that this decision will not help the Italian people too.

The good news is that even in Italy starting from 10 October in distributors off the highways, there may be some changes. But at least for now we don’t know what could happen. We will have to wait a few more days to find out what news it is.

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