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Many Italians will be able not to pay the car tax provided for on all motorized vehicles registered in our country. What are the reasons? Who is exempt from paying the car tax? Here are all the details about this aspect that will please many people!

Car tax
Car tax – Motori.News

Payment of the car tax it is an obligation that motorists have to be able to circulate with their motorized vehicle. Or rather, even if the machine is not used, this tax must be paid. Indeed, is a compulsory vehicle tax to be paid annually.

The tax is not really loved by citizens, but the rules are rules and, therefore, you cannot escape! But do you know that there are some categories of people and means that are exempt from this annual tax? Let’s find out who it is!

The car tax is at a tax that will be paid locally. Each car owner will have to pay this tax. The amount of it varies according to the power of the engine, the region of residence and the environmental class of the vehicle!

What happens to those who do not pay the car tax? Failure to pay this tax risks costing you very dearly. In fact, the penalty is around 30% of the amount due to which an interest of 0.5% is added for every six months of delay in payment. In addition to the fine, moreover, you can also get – in the most serious cases – to the administrative stop of the car!

Many Italians, however, will be exempted from paying the car tax! Let’s go to the discovery of this novelty, here are all the details!

Car tax, here is who is exempt from paying this tax!

Do you want to know which categories are exempt from paying this annoying tax? They are three and refer to the most diverse categories. All persons who benefit from law 104 are exempt from payment. In practice, all disabled people and anyone who takes care of them. Family members of the disabled person will be able to take advantage of this exemption only if the latter is dependent on them or has an income of less than € 2,840.51. And the other categories?

Car tax exemption
Here are the three categories exempt from paying the car tax – Motori.News

All new cars with low or zero emissions, that is to say hybrid cars or fully electric ones, are also exempt from paying the road tax. This rule applies to the first 3 or 5 years of the car’s life, but in some Italian regions it also extends to subsequent years!

Finally, the exemption from the road tax is automatic even for cars that have been circulating for more than 30 years! There is no need to submit an application for exemption. For cars of historical and collectible interest aged between 20 and 29, on the other hand, the tax on the road tax has been reduced by 50%!

All other categories, on the other hand, will be obliged to pay this local property tax. Some regions, however, cater to motorists with some car tax discounts. For example, there are often discounts of between 10% and 20% if the payment of the tax were to be domiciled on the current account!

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