Car handle, did you know it has a secret button inside? This is exactly what it is for

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The vast majority of cars on the market are equipped with practical internal handles positioned above the window. But what are they specifically for? What internal ‘mysterious’ button do they have? Here are all the details about this accessory, its functions and the internal button that few people know!

car handle
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You will surely have noticed the presence of some in your car internal handles placed above the window. Why are objects always present in machines? What purposes do they have? In this article we will talk about this accessory and we will also analyze the presence of an ‘unknown’ button inside the handle! Here are all the details about it!

The internal car handle is used in most cases by the passengers in your car. In some car models, it is also present above the driver’s window of the vehicle. But this case is much rarer, since the good rule is that the driver keeps both hands firmly on the steering wheel! Many people think that such a handle can be just a habit or a fundamentally useless accessory. In fact, that’s not the case!

Did you know that inside the car handle there is – in many car models – a hidden button? And do you know what it is for? Here we explain its function: you will be truly amazed!

Car interior handle: here is the hidden key known to few!

There car interior handle has several features. In fact, many people use this accessory to get out of the car. Especially people with some movement difficulties use this handle to get out of the car, in a safer way. But this is not the only function!

Button handle
The functions of the car handle and its internal button – Motori.News

Furthermore, attaching to the car handle is a gesture that many do as a simple matter of comfort. Especially those who will have to face a journey of many hours on board, knows how comfort is an aspect that should not be underestimated. Sticking to the inside handle from time to time can generate pleasant sensations of relief for the passenger!

Very often, moreover, sticking to the car handle could also be an involuntary gesture to ‘protect’ oneself from too sporty driving by the driver of the vehicle! Having a firm grip during curves or sudden braking can guarantee greater stability on the seat, as well as – obviously – the presence of the seat belt (to always be kept tied with the car in motion).

Internal handle
Car interior handle – Motori.News

But do you know that the car handle is equipped with an internal button? What is it for? There are fixed auto handles, but on many models they do not have this function. Indeed, every time a passenger latches onto the handle, he will see how it tends not to be fixed. But such handle models are equipped with an internal key, capable of locking the car handle. This locking operation will generate greater comfort and safety when gripping!

Pressing this key, therefore, will lock the car handle and will not return it to its original position once released. A small detail, which we are sure, few knew before this article!

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