Renault 4 concept teased ahead of October 17 debut

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Renault pays homage to its parents by reviving the 4, one of the most popular cars ever made. Also known as the 4L, the economy hatchback developed to rival the Citroën 2CV was produced from the early 1960s to the mid-1990s. More than eight million vehicles are assembled in more than 10 factories worldwide. Now, it’s coming back. Well, at least in concept form. A teaser image has been released ahead of the debut on October 17.

Since everything today has to be electric and crossovers are preferred, the new 4 will eschew combustion engines and get a high ride stance. While the Renault 5 reborn in 2025 will retain the supermini formula of the same predecessor, the 4 will morph into a bolder vehicle to cash in on the crossover craze and also distance itself from the hatchback.

Renault 4 concept teaser

An adjacent preview image shows that the concept will have thick off-road tires and generous suspension travel. We also saw two Ford Bronco-style hood straps for better securing roof-mounted cargo like kayaks. Other features we can find in this shadow teaser are the illuminated side steps and roof box, while the rear glass might house a bike rack to enhance the concept’s outdoor nature.

The original Renault 4 measures just 3,663 millimeters (144.2 inches) but we feel that its modern counterpart will be much larger. The square wheel arch should give it a sturdy look while the trapezoidal shape of the quarter glass with illuminated contours is a throwback to its ancestor. The company with the diamond logo says it has given the classic car a “modern twist,” so there should be plenty of Quatrelle-inspired design cues.

We’ll see the full Renault 4 concept at the 2022 Paris Motor Show. Time will tell if the next production version is planned to complete the 5’s rebirth.

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