Quartararo, the first words after the blackout “A nightmare”

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Fabio Quartararo embittered after the troubles in the GP in Thailand. The first words and the renewed charge for the next rounds.

Fabio Quartararo, first words after the “nightmare” – MotoriNews

Happy drivers and disappointed drivers after the Grand Prix in Thailand. It undoubtedly falls into the second category Fabio Quartararo, which certainly aimed at a very different result. He liked the track, his Yamaha didn’t have too many problems compared to Ducati, then took off from the second row, ready to attack. The arrival of the rain instead he canceled every floor, Quartararo was literally shipwrecked. With the tires how opponent the main … The MotoGP champion had to chew bitter, in press silence. His first words came over 24 hours later, signaling a new driver ready.

Everything against Quartararo

There reconfirm world is tiring. ‘Fault’ of the growth exponential of the Ducatis and Aprilia (although lately more subdued) against an M1 that has instead remained stationary. But despite everything, the leadership belongs to him … At Buriram, however, theunpredictable: starts well in the rain, but suddenly falls in the standings. And it’s not just the contact with Miller, it’s a big one tire trouble, or unexpected problems at the front, as we will know later. Quartararo is embittered, the advantage held with a lot fatigue he dissolved and it was not his fault… Only much later did his words after the GP arrive. “A nightmare… A terrible race, we weren’t able to score points. After a great weekend in the dry, it’s here rain before the race. We have always been fast this year, this time only difficulties, problems and a terrible feeling. Thanks to the fans, see you next year. It’s time to clear, train and prepare for Australia! “

Three GPs for the encore

Fabio Quartararo, however, is pushed by one new awareness, that of having to bring out everything he has and more. In short, show that pure talent which he has sported since his first year in MotoGP. The first iris has arrived, the second would be a jewel even more precious because of the great difficulties faced. Even reaching a specific diet to ‘push’ his bike! In short, everything and more, up to blow in Thailand … Now Bagnaia is only 2 points, Espargaro accuses just 20, there are four other riders mathematically still at stake. And they are missing 3 GP, a potential of 75 points to be awarded. Lots of them, but the driver who keeps on doing is always in command miracles with the M1. He likes Phillip Island a lot… Let’s expect some magic to ‘take revenge’ on the bad luck.

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