The Inside Of This Micro RV From Japan Doesn’t Look Like You’d Expect


The Quokka is a cute little marsupial that lives in Australia, and this charming creature also shares the same name for its adorable little camper van from Japan. It looks like a Daihatsu Hijet on the outside, but it’s the interior that makes it special.

Opening the Quokka’s side door revealed layers of wood on the floor, roof, and walls. Builder, Mishima Daihatsu, using Hinoki Japanese cedar wood for all panels. But, that’s not all because the company also combines all sorts of features that were originally hidden into a compact space.

The Quokka cabin has four removable boxes that blend into the floor. The owner can decide what to do with it, including removing it from the vehicle as a seat for a picnic, as in the maker’s drawing. There is also a table to put on the floor when not in use.

At night, owners can use the flat floor as a bed, and it measures 72.05 inches (1,830 millimeters) by 50.79 inches (1,230 millimeters). It is slightly smaller than a full size mattress.

The Quokka comes standard with a 100-amp battery to supply power to the rear. There is a DC outlet and a USB connection. The vehicle was even equipped with forced paraffin heating.

Mishima Daihatsu offers many additional options, including some surprising amenities. For example, you can get a microwave and a .565 cubic foot (16 liter) refrigerator that are both attached to the floor. Extra insulation, higher capacity batteries, solar panels and more are also available.

The Facebook post embedded above is from the recent Japan Camper Car Show, and the image gives a better look at the Quokka’s customizable layout with lots of hidden storage.

Prices for the Quokka start at 2,579,500 yen after tax ($22,351 at current exchange rates) for the two-wheel drive and five-speed manual models. The most expensive trim levels start at 2,898,500 yen ($25,113).


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