Sun visor, that’s what it’s actually for: no one knew about this secret function

The sun visor is part of the car components, there are those who always drive without it, because they do not consider it necessary and those who would never be able to do without it.

Sun visor

It serves a defend yourself from the Sun when it starts to set and having it in front of you it is hard to watch the road carefully.

Those who travel and proceed east, or west, at dawn or dusk surely know something. In these cases, without the flaps driving is practically impossible.


How to use sun visors in an original and useful way

In all the cars they are present, in some they are really small, so they do not do their job well, putting the driver in difficulty. However, there are extenders that can be applied to extend them and make the use you want.

However, the flap is always mounted in the same place, whether it is a car big, small, sporty or new or dated, it is placed on the ceiling, above the steering wheel, to be always at hand.

It is also found at passenger side, in both cases it is a real visor that rotates with a gentle downward movement. Very few know that it can also be moved to the side. Beyond these classic uses, the sun visor can also be used to block the tablet or smartphone while driving.

When driving, you shouldn’t use any device like mobile phones or tablets, but positioned right there can only help because without any distraction, you can answer calls or send messages in seconds, without taking your hands off the wheel, with voice commands.

Alternatively, while you are in a queue, for example at a traffic light or due to an accident, you can watch a movie while always being ready to start the car and drive away.


Other uses of sun visors, the solution for small visors

Then, there are those who use them as document holderhaving a pocket placed inside personal documents or the car, in case of control by the police, you have everything at your fingertips.

The new cars have automatic flaps, unfortunately the old ones do not, they are the classic ones that must be moved as you want, when you want, by hand. When these are too small, the sun passes by and smartphones and tablets cannot be wedged, just buy the additional support that hooks on the side and in this way solves any problem with a small expense of a few euros.

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