Gasoline, incredible 10% discount, you just have to fall into this category

For several months now, gasoline has reached stellar figures, as have diesel and diesel. Refueling has become practically impossible today.

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All families in economic difficulty found themselves having to face important problems. Many have had to choose how to spend their money, whether to travel by car, or to travel by public transport, giving up to independence and freedom, giving priority to savings.

For all these reasons, the Italian government has made fuel bonuses available to the people that they have already managed to achieve give relief to many.

Petrol, 10% discount for everyone, here are the requirements

Now, few are informed, but for those who have disabled people at home there is a 10% discount on refueling. What matters is to respect the requirements established by the state.

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Particularly suffering are the low-income households that already struggled for themselves fit into a very limited budget and who are now struggling to make it to the end of the month. All these inconveniences were caused by the pandemic, but also by the Russia – Ukraine war which completely annihilated families with disabled people at home, which they have to take care of them night and day.

This is why the state has decided to intervene precisely on them. Those who enjoy law 104, will be able to have any discount on any type of fuel, but it must be known that this is not one new measure adopted by the government therefore in 2022, but of an old law passed in February 2020.

The initiative was promoted by representatives of all petrol stations and associations aimed at defending the rights of disabled people who enjoy the Law 104, “Self for all”. Here, 430 petrol stations have joined the program, offering those who fall into the category a discount of 10 cents for each liter of petrol.

What to do to take part in the project

The project in question has been successful and will continue to do so even in the very period. What the state wants to do is to give concrete help to those in need and try to promote at the same time support for equal opportunities.

Obviously, family members of those with no disabilities, including those who care for them, are also entitled to receive this discount assistance and care.

All you have to do is take a look at the list of distributors participating in the initiative, after identifying the closest one, all disabled people supported by Law 104 and caregivers will only have to go to the petrol pump and leave their personal details.

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