Three bonuses that will save you a ton of money on your car, what are you waiting for: apply NOW

Three bonuses are about to arrive and to change the lives of Italians who find themselves in difficulty due to the expensive life and the increase in prices due to the pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war.

Three bonuses
Three bonuses –

Families need help, however get to the end of the month. For this reason, buying new cars is not part of anyone’s priorities, not even those who really owe it meet the expense of necessity. We try to run for cover and remedy where possible for postpone the purchase a bit.

For all these reasons, the State has decided to propose to the Italians, three aids that can support those in need in different situations, for car exchange, for the payment of taxes, such as road tax and insurance.


Bonus to replace the old car with the electric one

The first bonus is the € 7500 bonus, which allows you to buy the electric car at very affordable prices. You can take advantage of the bonus buying an electric car and scrapping the old car. However, since not everyone aims to have an electric car at home, because they trust petrol or diesel cars much more, this bonus is of little interest. So there are two more that make a difference.

They are certainly more convenient and interesting because they have to do with road tax and insurance which have always had really high costs that not everyone is able to bear. The first bonus is paid out to all those who benefit from the retrofit, it is 3500 € that can be used to replace the polluting motor with a more modern, ecological and certainly more performing electric one. So those who use it can change an important component of the old car, always keep the same, being like a new one.

Savings on car tax and insurance

The third saving option is 20% and concerns exclusively the car tax. The discount can only be obtained if you pay by bank direct debit. While to have a 100% saving, you must either buy an electric car or a vintage car or finally enjoy the law 104.

The sting of 2022 comes with insurance, which have always been quite expensive, but which this year will reach absurd figures, never seen before. Even more important increases are expected next year. In particular, the increases will concern the Puglia region and some other regions. But don’t worry, those who know how to use the internet know how to surf to save as much as possible. Today it is possible to request quotes online to choose the most convenient insurance, being covered and paying as little as possible.

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