Ford Mustang 2024 Teaser Video Shows New Trunk, GT Performance Badge

Ford slipped a brief but important teaser for the 2024 Mustang in a recent social media post. 10 second video advertises Raid, which has evolved from the direct debut of a seventh-generation pony car to a pre-show and party cruise that Mustang owners invite to attend. But the clip reveals the significant changes coming to the rear of the Mustang, and possibly a new trim level.

The video opens with a suitcase in the back of the car, probably a new Ford Mustang. The trunk lid closes, revealing the familiar GT badge in the center of the panel. However, the panels are not as black as for the entire sixth generation. The new model will return to the body color between the taillights, and that’s a big deal. The blackout treatment is an iconic look for the Mustang that dates back to the first generation. It’s been available on and off from the factory for years, but looks set to be shutting down for the seventh generation. That is, at least on some trims.

Less visible is the word Show engraved on the GT badge. In addition to the convertible, the GT is currently available in Fastback and Fastback Premium variants. The GT Performance Package is available for $6,700 that adds upgraded brakes, suspension tweaks, and other upgrades, but could it turn into a new GT Performance trim for 2024? Spy photos have captured a disguised Mustang prototype that looks a bit aggressive, so it’s definitely a possibility.

Our questions will be answered on September 14th. That’s when the new Mustang was about to debut, and Ford went to great lengths to make it memorable. The automaker confirms that more than 1,000 Mustang owners have registered to participate in the Raid on September 14, but the two-week road trip is called On the way home actually started on September 6th in Tacoma, Washington. The Ford convoy will cover several states, finally arriving in Dearborn for the maiden voyage.

Hear more about Mustang’s imminent debut and more at Chatting About Cars podcast, available below.

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