Stellantis And Toyota Announce New Large LCV With All-Electric Version

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Stellantis and Toyota have entered into a partnership with a focus on light commercial vehicles for the European market. The two companies have now announced an expansion of this partnership which will now grow to include a new major commercial vehicle brand, which will be the third body type to come from the two international automakers. More importantly, it will get a fully electric version.

Not much can be reported regarding the specifications of the new LCV technology, although it will now officially be developed by Stellantis and supplied to Toyota for sale in Europe. The new workhorse will be produced at two different Stellantis locations on the Old continent, namely its factories in Gliwice, Poland, and Atessa, Italy.

When it hits the market in 2024, it will be Toyota’s first model in the large commercial vehicle segment in its history. While nothing can be confirmed at this time, the new model is likely a successor to today’s Ducato, which will get a zero-emissions variant.

“With this successful third engagement, Stellantis is further demonstrating its expertise in the commercial vehicle segment and in developing battery-electric technologies built to support multiple needs,” commented Carlos Tavares, CEO of Stellantis. “This agreement strengthens our leadership in the EU30 for LCV and low emission vehicles and pushes us one step closer to realizing our Dare Forward 2030 goal of becoming the undisputed global light commercial vehicle leader, in terms of technology, manufacturing, market share and profitability. .”

Stellantis and Toyota have collaborated on light commercial vehicles since 2012. Basically, Toyota pays to receive existing versions of the LCV sold from various brands under the Stellantis umbrella and to sell them to European customers with the Toyota badge.

The LCV segment in Europe accounts for a significant portion of the continent’s total new car sales. Despite a large decline during the first quarter of 2022 (-18.1 percent), new commercial vehicle registrations in the EU stood at 411,097 units. This figure corresponds to provided data by the European Association of Automobile Manufacturers, which brings together 16 of Europe’s major car, truck, van and bus makers.


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