W Motors Unleashes Ghiath SUV And Police Patrol Model


The Dubai Police Force has some of the most diverse fleet of patrol vehicles. From SUVs to supercars, Dubai Police has the means to catch up to you no matter how fast you go or off the pavement. With that, there will be another one joining the motor pool soon.

Dubbed the Ghiath Smart Patrol, this police SUV comes from W Motors, the brand behind the Lykan Hypersport. According to the company, this is the second-generation model, as the first used the previous-generation Chevrolet Tahoe as a starting point. For the All-New Ghiath Smart Patrol, it appears to be a reengineered and redesigned Nissan Armada. Of course, the Armada is the Nissan Patrol in markets outside of North America.

So what’s the Ghiath Smart Patrol pack for police duty? It has a 360-degree usable periscope camera plus eight exterior surveillance cameras. The SUV also has a facial recognition system and license plate for easy patrolling, along with drones as an extra eye. Inside, it has an integrated 16-inch display that houses communications for the main control center connected to the operator.

There are clues about the Fleet/Patrol in the Ghiath police vehicle. The Ghiath’s dashboard, steering wheel and off-road controls resemble that of a Nissan SUV. As a police vehicle, it has a custom-built rear seat, a protective cage, and a compartment in the cargo area for search and rescue equipment.

W Motors doesn’t say what Ghiath packs under the hood. But since it appears to have a Nissan platform, it’s more likely to have an Armada/Patrol V8 engine. We’re looking for at least 400 horsepower (298 kilowatts) and a torque figure of 413 pound-feet (560 Newton-meters). Four-wheel drive is standard.

So if you find yourself in Dubai soon, you can expect Ghiath to be roaming the streets when it started operating a few weeks ago.


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