Mitsubishi Stops Car Production And Sales In Russia


The Ukraine-Russia conflict is currently disrupting several industries, including the automotive sector. More than a month since the start of the invasion, several brands announced the suspension of operations or production in Russia. Ford, Jaguar-Land Rover, and Volvo were the first to discontinue business there.

Other automakers are joining the growing list. The company is Mitsubishi with a halt to production at the Kaluga plant in Russia until further notice. In addition, Mitsubishi also stopped exporting vehicles and supplying spare parts. The automaker cited logistical difficulties as the main reason for halting Russian operations.

Mitsubishi Motors did not elaborate further on the reason for the temporary closure of the plant. The factory launched the Pajero Sport midsize SUV for the Russian market. Pajero Sport is also known as Montero Sport in other parts of the world.

The Kaluga assembly line is also one of Stellantis’ main production facilities in Russia. Stellantis products assembled in Kaluga are mid-sized commercial cars belonging to companies such as the Peugeot Traveler, Opel Combo, and Citroen Berlingo.

At the time of writing, Stellantis had not mentioned anything about the suspension of the Russia meeting. However, the company said it may have to halt operations in the country due to ongoing semiconductor shortages and difficulties in the parts supply chain. However, it stopped the export and import of vehicles to Russia before Mitsubishi’s announcement.

While Mitsubishi is suspending assembly and exports, that doesn’t mean the Japanese automaker is pulling out of Russia altogether. But as the company mentions that the shutdown is ‘unlimited’, it will depend on the current conflict and the chip shortage crisis.

Trade and economic sanctions have had a major impact on Russian domestic automakers. About a month ago, Lada stopped production due to a supply shortage. Automotive News Europe also reported new car sales in Russia fell 63 percent.


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