Audi Urbansphere Concept Teased Ahead Of Apri 19 Debut


The very dark teaser image gives us a fresh look at the Audi Urbansphere concept. It had a full debut on April 19.

Turning up the brightness on our screen revealed some details about the Urbansphere. The vehicle appears to have a long, steep windshield that leads to a short front end. The roof is quite long and flat.

The model appears to have a suicide door that opens to reveal a horizontal line of light. Yellow ambient lighting adorns the underside of the cabin. You can see two rows of chairs.

Audi’s Facebook post doesn’t provide much information about the Urbansphere. “Advanced from the inside out. Get ready to fill an immersive third space, the Audi Urbansphere concept.”

Audi Urban Sphere

Audi’s previous teaser for the Urbansphere (above) gave us an overview of the concept. However, it does show some details not seen in the new photos. The nose is blunt, and there is a thick pillar on the back of the body.

In a video explaining the ethos behind each concept, the company describes the Urbansphere as “a private space in an urban setting.” It describes the model as “digital,” “social,” “engaged,” and “perfectly centered around you.”

The Urbansphere is the third member of Audi’s range of concept scopes. Their goal is to demonstrate different aspects of the future of autonomous automotive.

Skysphere was the first of them. This is a low-slung grand tourer with a neat trick. Drivers can press a button and shorten the wheelbase by almost 10 inches. In the shorter setting, the vehicle will become more agile. During autonomous driving, the steering wheel and pedals are retracted to maximize interior space.

Next, there is the concept of the Grandsphere. This is a large sedan that is 17.6 feet long. Audi describes the model as a “private jet for the road.” There is no traditional screen in the vehicle. Instead, the display projects onto the wooden surface of the dashboard. The back of the center console has a place for plants to grow. Like the Skysphere, the wheels and pedals are lost when driving autonomously.


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