Tata Curvv Concept Debuts As Stylish Coupe-SUV EV From India


Tata Motors, the company that once had the world’s cheapest new car in its lineup, now has a new concept vehicle. And it’s not a prototype of a new budget city car, but a very handsome SUV coupe with an all-electric powertrain. Friends, greets the Tata Curvv, which showcases the brand’s future design language and will turn into a production model in the next two years.

The Curvv has been designed to offer the best balance between looks, performance and practicality. The overall shape of the vehicle is reminiscent of the Renault Arkana and its ilk, although we must admit the shorter overhang makes it look sportier than its European competitors. With this concept, there are no door handles and a small camera replaces the side mirrors.

One design feature that is certainly interesting is the LED strip on the back, which follows the shape of the rear window. Above it, there is a separate designed spoiler, which serves as a separator between the trunk lid and the panoramic roof. Just below the innovative light element is another LED strip that connects the taillights.

The interior follows a similar minimalist design recipe with a flat dashboard e and a large tablet-style screen on top. The HVAC panel has capacitive touch buttons and there’s also a floating center console with a rotary gear selector. The steering wheel is covered with blue leather on the outer ring and fine fabric on the inner ring that matches the dashboard surface. The second, smaller screen provides basic information about the vehicle and trip.

Tata says a production version of the Curvv concept will be launched in the next two years with the first being an electric version. This model will be based on the company’s Generation 2 EV platform and will also be available with combustion and/or hybrid engines. In our eyes, if at least 70 or 80 percent of the concept design goes into the production model, it will be one very interesting product. Unfortunately, it will only be sold in India.


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