VW Bus Drag Racing Beetle Is The Ultimate Fish-Out-Of-Water Battle


The classic Volkswagen Beetle is known for many things, but racing is not one of them. herbs debatable, but the fact remains – the Beetle is a simple rear-engined car you’d never expect on a race track or drag strip.

We’ve seen the classic Beetle take on the Samurai in drag races before, though that one was more for that than a speed battle.

Well, what we have here today is a Beetle against another unlikely VW drag racer, the VW Kombi or Bus as it’s called in the US. These two vehicles weren’t born for speed, making this drag race the ultimate fish-out-of-water battle.

However, as you can see in the video at the top of this page, neither of these are your typical dub vee. They are tuned for drag strips, though we don’t have exact details of the aftermarket tuning they received. This explains their determination on the prepared surface, making fast-paced combat unexpectedly interesting.

The video embedded above is more than just a drag race between Beetles on steroids. This is actually coverage of the recent Bug-In event, courtesy of YouTube Mike Fn’s Garage.

The Southern California Bug-In event is a VW auto show, drag race, and swap meet combined into one, held religiously in Irwindale. The entire nearly 40-minute trailer gives us an idea of ​​what this VW-focused event will look like, a celebration of classic Volkswagens in all shapes and sizes.

If you’re interested, the Bug-In website indicates that the next event will be on June 19, 2022. Entry to the auto show is free, but if you’re going there for an exchange meeting, you’ll be charged $40. The drag race entry fee is $60.


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