Telepass, have you ever checked the battery? If it’s empty, you’re ruined

The Telepass is the salvation of many Italian motorists because it allows you to move quickly, without paying each time as soon as you arrive at the tollbooth.

Telepass battery
Telepass battery –

Thanks to the telepass you avoid wasting time, especially if you don’t have coins available in all respects a life saver.

Anyone who needs to get to their place of work or study without wasting time can no longer do without telepass once activated.

Telepass, advantages and disadvantages of the device

But be careful because Telepass, like everything else, has advantages and disadvantages that you cannot ignore. For example, if it is not properly fixed in the car, there is a risk of significant malfunctions a as a result of which more charges than requested may be initiated.

It may also happen that the barrier does not rise, because the toll booth does not receive the signal. This is why before installing the Telepass it is better to inquire, perhaps by reading the instruction booklet, carefully following the instructions provided che make everything much easier and faster.

Telepass cancelled
Here’s how to cancel your Telepass – Motori.News contract

When it is necessary to replace the telepass battery

But it doesn’t end here because you must always check the Telepass battery especially if it is used daily, if it were to be discharged it could suddenly not work. In this case it should be replaced immediately.

But how to understand if the Telepass is empty or It does not work properly why is the battery not full? The discharged Telepass battery does not allow the barrier to rise because it does not have enough energy to send the signals.

If you remain stationary at the tollbooth, it is better to know that for no reason in the world should you think of making a U-turn or maneuver of any kind because it is extremely risky. The only thing to do is ask for help from the assistance who intervenes in a few seconds and solves the problem.

Returning to the Telepass speech these devices do not have displays, so they warn users of malfunctions or of any low or almost flat battery through an audible warning that can be continuous or intermittent, high-pitched or severe.

The sound is high-pitched when the toll booth transit is completed. It is serious when there are anomalies, if it happens several times it is best to contact the Punto Blu.

If, on the other hand, the tone repeats 3 times, it indicates that the battery is almost flat, so it is best to go to the authorized counters or to the various blue points in the area and provide for the replacement.

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