The car most loved and dreamed of by Italians is really it, no one expected it

What is the car most loved by Italians? A new ranking tells us and a perhaps unsuspected model triumphs.

car most loved and dreamed of by Italians
The car most loved and dreamed of by Italians –

L’buying a car it is the dream of millions of Italians. Years of sacrifices, of hard-earned savings to be able to afford the desired car: sometimes at the beginning a compromise is opted for, choosing a car that is useful for carrying out common errands.

Then, over time, you work to make your dream come true and have the car you’ve really wanted for a long time.

A survey recently done by Autoscout24 has unveiled the 10 most loved car models by Italians. The ranking includes undeniable confirmations, but also some surprises, especially in first place. Let’s find out together.

The new ranking of the most loved and desired cars by Italians

Starting from last place, the first car we find in the standings is the Ford Focus: a great classic perfect for the city, but also for longer journeys, especially if you choose the family-friendly station wagon version.

Smart Fortwo
Smart Fortwo –

Another car that we often see on our roads is the Smart Fortwoan enlarged version of the most famous small utility vehicle that also began to spread in Italy in the early 2000s. It is in ninth place in this ranking.

Immediately after, at the eighth, we find theAlfa Romeo Giulietta, one of the snake’s most loved cars in recent years. Now become a status symbol, especially among those who want to take the next step from the smallest Mito, is the travel companion of many Italians.

You must have surely wondered where it was Fiat Panda and here it is in seventh place. What else to say about this small car? Practically everyone has or has had it once in their life: the latest restylings have made it even more comfortable and pleasant to drive, perfect for the city and for short journeys.

New Fiat Panda
New Fiat Panda –

Staying in the Italian house, here is the sixth position Fiat 500, which from the historical restyling that took place in 2007 is back in fashion among Italians. It is now also available in an electric version, while the Abarth model is available for those looking for a bit of panache.

Let’s start talking about dreams with the Porsche 911 Series, which is in fifth place. One of the most loved and desired sports cars by Italians, which can be had with a small compromise on the price or on the first registration date.

For young people and for the sporty soul there is the beautiful one Mercedes A-Classin fourth position, which now has the soul of an elegant sedan that is second to none.

We close with the podium. On the lowest step is another car that mixes elegance and sportiness: the Audi A4a perfect car also for long journeys and available in various versions.

BMW 3 Series
BMW 3 Series –

In second position there is a great all-Italian classic, the Volkswagen Golfa car capable of guaranteeing high performance, sufficient driving vivacity and with very accessible list prices such as to make it so popular.

Finally, the first place is for the BMW 3 Series: she is the most desired car by the Italians. With a fantastic design, sublime performance and latest generation equipment, it is the perfect machine to make a lifelong dream come true.

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