Fines out of control, this municipality risks being left without a car: what’s happening

The problem relating to exaggerated fines is often present in some specific areas of our country. In many cases, the large number of sanctions makes people turn up their noses, even becoming real media cases. And this thing also happened in a well-known Italian town located in Sicily. Why is this municipality at risk of being left without a car? Here are all the details on what happened.

Out of control fines
Fines out of control – Motori.News

In recent years, various municipalities in our country have experimented with systems to improve road safety. Measures that have limited the number of road accidents in some dangerous stretches, but which have increased – often times – the number of road fines imposed on passing motorists.

Automatic speed cameras or some cameras positioned in strategic areas catch many road users “unprepared” every day. Compliance with the rules is essential and we consider it of absolute importance to avoid any problem on the road. Sometimes, however, electronic devices are able to detect any slightest infraction, making even the most respectful motorist anxious.

But what happened recently in Milazzo, Sicily? The large number of fines and suspension of driving licenses is creating a real social problem in this Sicilian municipality. Let’s find out what happened and why the case also rose to prominence on the Rai. Here are all the details about this case.

Out-of-control fines in Milazzo, Sicily: this is what has happened in recent months

The Sicilian municipality of Milazzo, located near Messina, has become – despite himself – known in the last period for some episodes in reference to a disproportionate number of fines and reports of traffic offences. What caused this absurd situation? Here are all the details about it.

Traffic light fines Milazzo
Milazzo and his incredible record on fines: here’s what exactly happened – Motori.News

In Milazzo a HD hitchhiking on a traffic light. It is a real speed meter, capable of record any anomaly and infringement committed in that stretch by passing motorists and motorcyclists. In fact, this device can monitor the situation in up to 3 lanes in the same direction of travel or in 2 different lanes with traffic permitted in opposite directions.

In the Sicilian municipality in the province of Messina, this device has recorded a disproportionate number of traffic offences. The episode became a real media case. In fact, these episodes have been talked about almost everywhere in the media. The case also ended up on the Rai and it was discussed during the broadcast ‘A Morning with the Family’.

Practically, the device reported in less than 4 months – between July and October 2022 – over 10,000 infringements by motorists in that area. Furthermore, hundreds of users have had their driving license suspended and even revoked.

Fines out of control – Motori.News

During the broadcast Raithe TV presenter John Ippoliti sarcastically added: “In a while there won’t be any more cars in Milazzo. Milazzo could become the first municipality without cars”. Irony aside, these exaggerated fines have made this social problem clear.

The mayor of the Sicilian municipality, Pippo Midili, explained that such a device was made active to limit the dangers at a rather problematic intersection with regards to safety. Furthermore, with reference to the numerous sanctions, he added: “75% of offenders continued driving with both lights red and about 25% instead switched to green moving from the left lane where the traffic light was on red”.

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