Jorge Martin, a mistake of youth: “Dude, you’re an idiot”

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The Ducati Pramac rider, Jorge Martin, says he spent a crazy amount after his first win in the MotoGP class at the 2021 Austrian GP.

Jorge Martin (Ansa)
Jorge Martin – Motors.News

Jorge Martin concluded his second season in the MotoGP class. In 2021 he picked up his first win at the Red Bull Ring and three podiums, in 2022 he took five pole positions and four podiums. The Pramac Racing rider from Madrid lost the ballot with Aeneas Bastianini for the ascent in the team Ducati factory, but has shown that he has the potential to aim high. Fast over the flying lap, he needs to improve his race pace a little, but starting next year he will have a factory Desmosedici GP at his disposal on a par with Bagnaia and Bastianini.

During this Christmas break he allowed himself few distractions, continued to train and spoke on the ‘Nude Project’ podcast, where he talked about private life and sport. From his first steps on a motorbike, thanks to the financial help of his parents, even if he soon freed himself from the economic bond with the sound of results.

Jorge Martin’s spending spree

Jorge Martin (Ansa)
Jorge Martin – Motors.News

Since the time of Red Bull Rookies Cup he tried to be the best in his category: second in 2013, first in 2014. He landed in Moto3 in 2015 and conquered the world title in 2018. “For a Moto3 season there are 14 and 15 year olds who pay up to 200,000 euros a year, I was lucky enough never to have to pay“, said Jorge Martin.

What differentiates him from many of his teammates and colleagues is the ability to handle pressure in difficult moments. When it came down to having to win to get ahead he did and made his way through to the MotoGP. In August 2021 his first victory in the premier class came, a week later he reached the podium on the same Austrian track. A double event to celebrate…”When I won a race, I started doing well and going out a little more… I remember paying a bill and then I was like ‘man, you’re an idiot“.

That day he realized he had to retrace his steps, learn from the error and better dose success: “From that day I stopped, I focused again. I said ‘if I gave this money to my mother, she would be fine for a month. I help my parents a lot“, continued the 24-year-old Jorge Martin. “I paid that bill… It’s best not to say what I ordered, it wasn’t dinner. It happened here in Barcelona… We are young and we need to have fun, but we need to know when, with whom and how“.

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