Have you ever seen the new Speed ​​Camera device? He’s making a killing of fines

The speed camera is a nightmare for all motorists who usually travel, for work or for leisure, because they often do not respect the speed limits and only realize they have exaggerated when it is too late.

New speed cameras
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In recent months a new speed camera that works in a modern way of speed detection has caused many penalties in various Italian locations.

Seeing a speeding ticket arrive directly at home is certainly unpleasant, yet sometimes it happens due to lack of attention from the motorist, other times because you are driving and don’t worry at all about keeping the speed under control.

Exceeding the speed limit is a crime as well as dangerous

In any case, exceeding the speed limit both by a lot and by a little, jeopardizes the safety of those who travel on the road, creating a lot of havoc and also jeopardizing the driving licence, so one should avoid doing so.

That’s why it was thought when a new speed camera is activated, capable of detecting any failure to comply with the speed limits with positions indicated by law with road signs or with luminous signals visible to all users.

If the speed cameras are not indicated correctly as required by the highway code and the law, the penalties are null and void. In 30 days the new speed camera has made a very high number of victims in Torri del Benaco, in the province of Verona, in the small hamlet of Pai.

Speed ​​Cameras
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How the new speed camera works and what happened in a small town in Italy

The new speed camera has been positioned in the city center and is giving headaches to all motorists in the area who do not notice that they are exceeding the speed limit set at 50 km per hour.

The device was active for 24 hours and detected 4400 machines traveling at speeds exceeding the limits. One person was even caught traveling into the city at over 125km/h, something amazing that actually happened.

Traveling over 50 km per hour is particularly risky especially if you consider that in the inhabited center in a particular way, in the middle of the road there can be people ready to cross using the pedestrian crossings.

Both in inhabited centers and outside it is essential to respect the limits, both for reasons of one’s own safety and that of others. Causing fatal accidents means agreeing to run the risk of having your license withdrawn for life.

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