Highway, this section is no longer paid: everyone travels it

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The motorway facilitates travel, making it much quicker, much simpler and faster, especially in northern Italy because it is well connected.

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In Lombardy at the moment you can move and go from Milan to Brescia thanks to a motorway that it had a cost of 2.4 billion euros.

The Milan-Brescia motorway, as useful as it may be, by many it has been defined as a useless construction because it is the copy of another already existing one.

Milano Brescia highway, the difference between north and south

This free stretch of highway would be frequented by 20,000 motorists every day and apparently that’s not enough. Yet there are areas of Italy where there are too many motorways and others where instead you travel for free, but much more slowly.

Obviously we are talking about the South, because at noon it takes three times as long to travel 100 km due to much less passable roads and very few motorways.

The motorway network in the south is inadequate or non-existent, which is why it has slowed down and hindered the growth of the entire south. The best demonstration can be a trip from Puglia to Rome.

This type of travel is stressful especially for those who have timetables to respect because it means having to go up to Abruzzo and then move towards Naples and finally travel another 200 km to get to Rome.

In 2022 unfortunately all this is unacceptable, the highways present everywhere by now should very well connect the regions from north to south and a trip should be short-lived. In reality that is not the case at all.

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highway – Motors.News

The government and the current situation

Prime Minister Gentiloni has already dealt with this problem for a long time, trying in any way to solve the problems and to give the territories of the South the right services. The premier has never managed to find a right solution.

Yet it is known that focusing on the motorway could be the turning point for growth and the key to development. Probably now everything is in the hands of the current government which will have to start a real revolution through intelligent and functional political programs.

Unfortunately it is impossible to deny it, the south and the north are very different, there is so much disparity that it has also increased both because of the politicians and because of the lack of funds. As strange as it may seem, the difficulty of moving does its part between one area and another, between one region and another.