Fines on the windshield, don’t pay them by bank transfer: they are scamming you

Fines are the worst nightmare of any motorist, you can receive one for speeding, for parking without parking or for using your cell phone while driving or for reasons that no one could ever imagine.

fine scam
fine scam

In short, so many mistakes can be made, that it is really difficult to escape from fines, if not impossible.

The only thing to do to avoid it as much as possible, it is being inattentive and paying attention to any gesture.

Fines on the windshield, be careful because they are not always real

We often find fines stuck on the windshield, perhaps due to restricted parking. Be careful what you do at this point because before paying you should check everything that is written and how the document was compiled.

The reason is mainly one: it could also be a well-studied deception, accurately. About thisthe administrative sanctions management service intervenes by notifying users that we must be careful because in this period a new scam has been studied which easily kills victims.

We are talking about false contraventions that look similar to the real ones, but at the same time presenting inaccuracies that should serve to warn us. Here’s what we’re talking about.

fine for a car
Fines –

What to do if you find a fine on your windshield

If it should happen that you find a fine on the windshield of the car, the first thing you need to do is stop and observe it at 360°. At this point many will wonder how to recognize a false fine.

Meanwhile, the IBAN issued does not correspond to that of the municipality. So you can simply inform yourself and make the comparison. Then on the fine, by law, the details of the car are shown then make, model and license plate. These can’t be missed.

Then of course there is the infringement committed by the owner of the vehicle. Usually the infraction is generic because the scammers don’t go into detail, they don’t know how to do it technically.

Despite everything, someone, being inattentive, can also fall into the trap and proceed with immediate payment so as not to have problems so as not to be forced to pay more than the dueor over time. In reality, you should never do that.

To avoid such scams, Palazzo San Giacomo has issued a statement through which the situation is clarified and it is remembered that the IBAN of the municipality to be used is indicated on the internet directly on the official website.

Motorists are therefore called to pay maximum attention in order not to run into much more serious scams, especially in Naples where investigations have already been launched to resolve the issue.

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