Always carry a lighter when you go to unlock the car, you can’t imagine how useful it can be

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In some cases common accessories can be of great help to you in some specific situations. In this article we are going to talk about the incredible function that a normal cigarette lighter can have in the opening of your car. Why can this accessory literally save you? That’s why you must always have a lighter with you!

Car lighter
Car lighter – Motori.News

In some cases, the normal functioning of some parts of your car can fail. The causes can be different and must be sought both in structural problems and in external contingencies! But how to solve the problem? Here we teach you a trick to open the car in the presence of a particular atmospheric situation!

In some cases it becomes difficult to believe that some accessories can serve you in situations for which they were certainly not designed! Yet, it is so. With a little logic, various objects can be exploited to solve accidental problems. And this is the case, for example, with the lighter!

Sometimes it can happen that the door of our car gets stuck! Failure to open the car can cause you serious discomfort. If you want to avoid calling ‘reinforcements’, there is a quick and practical solution that allows you to take back ‘possession’ of your car again!

And this is where the lighter comes into play! How can this object help you in opening the machine? In what emergency situation? Here are all the details on this aspect!

The usefulness of the lighter to open your car: here’s what you need to know!

Now all new generation cars are equipped with the Keyless system. It allows you to open and close the door without turning the key in the lock. Just keep the key in your pocket and press a button on the handle! But in case of a technical problem, you can go back to the previous system by inserting the key in the lock! But what can you use the lighter for?

Car opening lighter
The lighter can be of great help in opening the car in a specific case: here we explain everything in detail – Motori.News

If you have a keyless car model with a Keyless system or if the latter has jammed, then the lighter will be of great help to you in a specific case. In fact, when temperatures drop below zero, you can run the risk of the locks being blocked by freezing temperatures.!

Lightly heating the key with a lighter can make it easier to enter the lock. This action will allow you to ‘beat’ the frost and allow you to open your car again without problems. Especially in winter, therefore, having a lighter in your pocket or bag can be of great help!

Besides using a lighter, there are other ways to solve the problem as well. If you are at home, in fact, even a special person can come to meet you antifreeze spray. However, it will be more difficult to carry with you in every situation. A small lighter, on the other hand, can help you in any situation and place!

And if you have nothing with you? To avoid calling someone to your aid, you can try blowing hot air into the lock! But in this case the result is not obvious!