Speed ​​cameras, have you ever wondered if it works at night? It’s not like you’re thinking

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Do fixed and mobile speed cameras work at night? We give the answer to a simple but very interesting question.

Speed ​​camera at night
Speed ​​cameras at night – Motori.News

It will have happened to you at least once in your life to receive a fine at home for a speeding caught by a speed camera. Unfortunately, unless the device is reported correctly, there is nothing you can do about it and you have to agree to pay the fine within the set time frame.

Speed ​​cameras are a system designed to be able to read the speed of a passing car even from a distance: everything works via a parallel and invisible laser beam technology which, traveling in pairs both in emission and in reception, manage to capture and supply the data necessary for detection.

Even more important is the presence of a integrated camerawhich is usually placed at the same height as the detector, in order to be able to take a photo of the license plate of the vehicle that committed the offence.

The speed camera must be properly signaled before its positioning, precisely because it must act as a deterrent for avoid exceeding the speed limits imposed on that route and so as not to force the user to brake suddenly which can become very dangerous.

Fixed speed camera on the road
Fixed speed camera on the road – Motori.news

However, many wonder if speed camera systems are able to work even at night and, in particular, on totally dark roads. Do they become “blind” or should they not be underestimated anyway?

Do speed cameras work the same way at night?

To answer this question we must first distinguish between fixed speed camera and mobile speed camera. In the first case, we have a system permanently positioned on the roadside: we usually find it inside a box, sometimes colored orange or blue, sometimes placed on a pole and accompanied by signs indicating its presence.

As soon as it detects the infringement, take a photo of the license plate now of the machine by sending it to the command center which will then proceed to notify the driver by mail.

L’mobile speed camera, on the other hand, is always accompanied by a police patrol. This system is in turn divided into video camerasinstalled directly on law enforcement machines and which works like the fixed speed camera, and in telelasera sort of gun that “shoots” a high-frequency beam in the direction of passing cars to detect their speed.

Telelaser – Motors.news

Now we can answer the question: yes, the speed camera always works, even at nighteven in very low light conditions. This is because these systems are equipped with both flash and infrared rays, so that they can be operational at any time of day, in any climatic condition and in any place.

Basically, if you’re passing on a dark road and you notice a flash in your direction, you’d better worry: it’s likely that a speed camera whose presence you haven’t noticed has detected a speed that is too high for the limits of that area.