What does this triangle next to the petrol symbol mean? It’s not like you’re thinking

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In most modern cars, there is a mysterious triangle next to the petrol symbol. What is it really for?

fuel light symbol
The small triangle next to the petrol symbol – motori.news

You will have noticed it a million times, perhaps without even wondering what it was for. It’s a small indicator present near the petrol symbol: to tell the truth, it is not found in all cars, but only in some latest generation models.

In any case, from the photos attached to this article you will immediately understand what we are talking about and if it is really present in your car. There answer is really very simple and if you think for a moment, you can even get there on your own.

This is information which is given to the driver and which proves to be very useful if you are driving a rental car or a work vehicle of which you do not know all the functions. And yes, the arrow points to just what you’re thinking: it is the side where there is the tank cap with which to refuel.

What does the arrow next to the petrol symbol mean?

In the title we defined it “little triangle” because it actually remembers that shape: but it is to all intents and purposes an arrow that has the functionality we have anticipated.

Small triangle near the petrol symbol
Small triangle near the petrol symbol – Motori.news

As mentioned at the beginning, it is not an indication present on all cars, even if by now it is so widespread that only on older machines you may not find it.

After all, you understand by yourself that this is a small piece of information with great utility: how many times have you arrived at the petrol station, got ready for refueling, not remembering which side the cap is on and hoping you’ve been lucky?

In that case, the only thing to do is to hope that the pipe at the gas station is long enough to allow you to eventually get to the other side as well. Otherwise, the best is maneuver and position yourself on the right side: an action that may not be easy if the fuel station is very crowded.

So, quite simply: if the arrow points to the left it means that the fuel cap will be basically on the driver’s side, on the left. Otherwise, if the arrow points to the right you will have to remember to position the car on the opposite side from your driving position.

Fuel arrow to the right
Fuel arrow to the right – Motori.news

You will know well that the position of the tank is not the same in all machinesso if you are in the habit of using a lot of rental cars for work or for other reasons this information will be incredibly useful for you.

If, on the other hand, it should happen to you, but it’s rare now, to find a car that doesn’t have the triangle near the petrol symbol, well, you’ll have to do it the old-fashioned way: take a look before getting into the car and above all try to remember it.