Air conditioning that works badly, the clever trick to solve: it takes you 1 minute

Air conditioning is essential both in winter and in summer, when it’s broken we feel practically lost and in fact we are especially if in winter the glass is fogged up and we really don’t know how to solve the problem.

Air conditioning
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For now, in many regions of Italy there are still sunny and hot days, so hot air conditioning is not always essential.

Yet slowly we are moving towards the cold season, sometimes it happens that suddenly the air conditioning breaks down and you really have no idea what to do. In any case, one must always find the right way to act and react.

If the mechanic can’t get the air conditioning to restart or needs time to work on it. you need to know that there are the classic grandmother’s remedies which in some cases can even save your life.

What to do if the air conditioning doesn’t work

Anyone who does not know how to handle machines and engines must rely exclusively on the following remedies, which at least temporarily resolve the situation. So, they’re just for stalling. After that, however, you need to consult a professional.

All you need is a wet cloth. If the AC doesn’t kick the heat out, the cloth will, or something similar. The first thing to do is place the wet cloth over the air conditioning vent.

What will be formed will be a mixture of nitrogen that meeting the wet part will begin to spread a pleasant air. When the cloth is now dry you can proceed by wetting it again.

Perfume and heat the air quickly and easily

If, on the other hand, you want to perfume your car without using perfumers or artificial perfumers, you can use a scented tea towel. This gets wet in cold water, then sprays the perfume on top, whatever you want and a little perfumed soap is added.

Also in this case it rests on the filler and turns on the air. In a few seconds the air will be as fresh and fragrant as ever. This solution has advantages but also disadvantages, for example the mixture of nitrogen which is released into the air.

This fogs up the glass if there is too much difference between the external and internal temperatures. In this case it is good to keep an old sock with you, an infallible and cheap remedy.

The sock makes the windshield of the car clean and clear enough to be able to drive in serenity. A sock can even clean the outside of the windshield if stuck on the windshield wiper.

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