Deferred fines, you save your points by not declaring who was driving: but here’s what you risk

Fines are one of the worst nightmares of all Italian motorists and motorcyclists, they come when no one expects them and they have to be paid at any cost.

deferred fines
Deferred fines –

To spoil motorists and motorcyclists it was the introduction of the new devices that detect speed, the speed cameras that are really placed everywhere and from which nothing escapes.

Although they must be properly reported, sometimes the driver doesn’t realize it, this is the reason why you get fines and find yourself having a few points less on your license without even knowing what happened.

Points licence, from 2003 to today it has become a real obsession

The points driving license was introduced in 2003, seems like a lifetime ago yet it is only 20 years. The points license punishes all drivers of vehicles who do not behave adequately and do not respect the highway code.

As soon as you get your driving licence, you have 20 points available, from which two or more points are gradually subtracted based on the offenses committed. It happens that if they reset, you have to do it all over again.

Instead if one is lost, one can attend a course directly at the driving school, the course allows you to get them all back and to return to the starting situation without running the risk of losing the document.

Alternatively, you can wait for years, a point is given every year, but you can’t go wrong.

What to do if you receive a deferred fine

If you were to receive a fine directly at home, cwith the deduction of points on the license, you have the option of not paying and not having your points deducted with a trick that can turn out to be dangerous. So you have to be careful and really be smart.

The trick can only be applied for deferred fines or those that are sent to the residence. If you are stopped by the police, there is very little you can do, unless you think you were right.

In this case you can appeal and hope in the goodness of the judge. In fact, only a judge can cancel the sentence.

If, on the other hand, the fine is sent to your home, you can dispute by stating that you are not driving the vehicle at that moment and not to remember who could be there. Obviously, if it were to be a lie, one must be cautious.

It is recommended that you first check the presence of any cameras in the area who may prove otherwise. What you risk beyond the points deduction is a fine ranging from €422 to €1695.

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