fines of up to 435 euros

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The highway code undergoes continuous changes, unfortunately not everyone is constantly informed. The result is the arrival of real unexpected stings.

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In most cases, the fines come for behaviors that motorists or motorcyclists they consider trivial.

They are mostly common behaviors that have become part of everyone’s driving style and habits, but which are completely wrong as well as dangerous.

News on the highway code, stings are coming

The Highway Code is the set of rules that must be respected to ensure safe circulation of all vehicles, cars, motorcycles, traditional and electric bicycles. They are also being targeted pedestrian behavior.

From January the fines will undergo significant increases, the stings will be even heavier than usual. These are likely to surprise untrained motorists.

The highway code is written by legislator to protect those who travel frequently on vehicles. So when you are on the street, you have to pay attention to everything. Until now the risk it was getting hefty fines, starting from January, however, they will be much more.

An article that must be absolutely respected in all its facets is article 157 which is, by the way, the most important. Not respecting it means running the risk of being heavily fined.

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What does article 157 of the highway code say

This article refers to the suspension of vehicle movement with the driver moving away for a long time. In a nutshell, it deals with parking and the limits imposed to indicate the correct parking mode which allows you to avoid heavy fines.

Parking means the car parked with the engine off. Often one parks at random where it is convenient, perhaps blocking entrances, garages, therefore not respecting intersections or parking restrictions, perhaps for a urgent errand of a few minutes.

It doesn’t matter the fact that little time is lost, regardless of this, there are points where parking is forbidden and the rule must be absolutely respected. Alternatively there is the penalty that goes from 218 to 435 euros.

When we talk about stopping, we refer to the momentary suspension of travel, the driver remains inside the vehicle and does not move away. Also in this case, as in that of the stop there are rules to follow.

For example, the safety distance must be respected, because in the event of an accident, those who have not respected the distances risk very serious consequences, especially next year.