Stop at petrol stations for 3 days, everyone in a hurry to fill up: it will happen soon

A new gas station strike is coming: for 3 days it will be impossible to refuel, hurry up so as not to run out of fuel.

Stop petrol stations
Stop petrol stations –

Faib, Fegica and Anisa, the trade unions of petrol station operators, have announced it strike in all the service areas scattered along the country’s motorway network.

In particular, it will be impossible to fill up on the motorway from 10pm on Tuesday 13 December to 10pm on Friday 16th. If you intend to travel, you must therefore consider this major problem and remember to fill up, if necessary, off the motorway network.

An inconvenient solution, but still a solution, is to take advantage of one of the motorway junctions to visit the inhabited center passing through, fill up with petrol or diesel and then leave again. It is a mobilization announced on the same lines as the general strike already established by the CGIL and UIL in many Italian regions until Friday.

The strike will concern various sectors of our country in detail, obviously including transport. The goal is to protest against the budget law on which the new Meloni government is working.

Strike of petrol stations throughout Italy: the reasons for the inconvenience

Faib, Fegica and Anisa released a joint statement explaining that: “the draft interministerial decree does not provide for any rationalization of the network for greater efficiency, reproposes a system of imposition of royalties for the exclusive benefit of the position income of the concessionairesdoes not contain a regulatory reform that could allow recovery of economy aimed at reducing the abnormal difference in prices between ordinary roads and motorways, violates the sector regulations aimed at protecting the continuity of management and employment levels”.

Motorway filling station
Motorway filling station –

The press release continues by denouncing a situation in which the objective would simply be to preserve a system that no longer works more and which, under these conditions, will once again allow the concessionary companies to have large positional rents, however profited from public assets.

Continuing, the associations explain that we are in one: “state of absolute degradation to which the motorway service areas have been subjected, both in terms of fuel and catering prices, completely abnormal and out of the market, and in terms of quality standards it’s atWe have already written to the ministers of the previous and current governments however, no response has been provided, nor has the urgently requested meeting been agreed“.

Motorway service area
Motorway service area –

The unions urgently press on a new decree dedicated to motorway concessions, in which the competitions will have to be completed and what the new rules will be above all. Only through this, adds the president of Faib Autostrade, Antonino Lucchesi, will it be possible to find out how long they can survive or not.

The representative reminds that the bills have now reached a point of no return, with figures that more than tripled compared to the same situation last year, despite substantially unchanged consumption. In this sense, he underlines how the motorway systems have remained open even during the pandemic, but despite the aid received, they are now in serious difficulty.

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