Cameras on the street, watch out for these: they’ll give you a fine right away

Roadside cameras are one of the latest things to look out for when behind the wheel – watch out for these.

Cameras on the street
Street cameras –

In an effort to monetize as much as possible from user infractions of the Traffic Lawsthere are several methods used in addition to the conventional ones represented by checkpoints and speed cameras.

In particular, among the latest generation novelties, a series of stand out cameras placed on the street: there are different types, each dedicated to a different need. From our point of view as motorists there are some that we should consider more than others, in order to avoid heavy fines and nasty surprises in the mailbox.

The street cameras to pay more attention to: very high risk of fines

The cameras are designed for capture traffic offenses in real time committed by the driver.

Cameras on the street
Street cameras –

In particular, we can find them at the crossingsperhaps near traffic lights or passages considered very dangerous, with the aim of dissuading motorists from hurrying and risking endangering themselves and others.

One of the latest systems installed on Italian roads is the T Red: these are cameras installed on traffic lights that allow you to find out who ran a red light or even, who has passed the intersection with the yellow when he couldn’t have done it.

Attention: it is not certain that in any case there will be a punishment even for those passing with yellow. It depends on the camera and the severity of the local administration: in any case, if you know that there is a system called upon to detect traffic light infringements, you would do well to stop even if you “only” see yellow.

You will remember the rest from the time you got your driving license that yellow is an invitation to stop or, if this is not possible, to free an already occupied intersection in a reasonable time. In general, this limit is indicated on the asphalt with a white stripe indicating where you should stop: only in this case are you allowed to pass anyway and in any case do so in the safest and fastest way possible.

The advantage of cameras, from the point of view of those who have to manage and impose fines, is that they allow you to immediately record the license plate and vehicle datahaving the fine delivered to us by registered letter.

Street cameras
Road cameras –

Also, don’t forget the most widespread cameras that delimit access to restricted traffic areas, better known as ZTL. They are often found in the city center of cities and small towns, but sometimes they can also be found in extra-urban areas, perhaps to safeguard roads outside the city which cannot support a certain type of vehicle passage, such as those with heavy loads.

So, to recap, the use of cameras allows law enforcement agencies to have maximum precision and perfect timing when it comes to detecting infractions. Always remember never to underestimate them, especially those located near crossroads.

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