Fine of €7,000 if you do this while putting in petrol: you’re ruined

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A widespread practice in this period of expensive fuel risks costing you dearly: fines can even reach 7,000 euros.

Fine –

With the month of December we have entered a new acute phase of expensive fuel. The Meloni government has maintained the discount on the excise duties applied by the previous Draghi executive, albeit with a reduction of the same compared to what was previously foreseen.

This means that the discount has been reduced and the fuel price it started to rise again, reaching 1.7 euros per liter for both petrol and diesel for self-service.

Considering that we have entered a “hot” period for departures, with many families traveling to reunite with relatives in view of the Christmas holidays, online more or less legal methods on how to save money when getting fuel.

Refueling –

There are legal and traditional ways, such as choosing to rely on white pumps rather than known brands, where it is possible to save a few cents on the price per litre, to drive prudently and at a constant pace to avoid sudden changes in consumption and even, in the most serious cases, sharing the car with friends and relatives to share the cost of fuel.

But be careful because the idea of ​​using solutions that are not only illegal, but which become dangerous for the state of health of the car is spreading. For example, the suggestion of “stretch” diesel with rapeseed oilhoping to have a full tank at literally reduced costs.

Rapeseed oil instead of diesel? Here’s why you shouldn’t do it: fines and car hazards

With the intention of coping with the high prices, many have started to add the rapeseed oil to the diesel tank: in some cases even to replace it altogether. Works? Obviously not. You would end up causing serious damage to the car, but also risking very high fines from the police.

Filling with rapeseed oil
Refueling with rapeseed oil –

The problem with the use of rapeseed oil is that it is a fuel with a very high viscosity and with a series of unrefined agricultural extracts which, in the long run, will end up seriously damage the car’s engine. And then there is the “legal” danger: adding fuel to the tank other than that required by law can result in very severe penalties.

If you get caught by the police lengthening or replacing diesel with rapeseed oil the The fine can go up to 7,000 euros, which will be followed by the seizure of the car and the charge of the crime of fraud against the State. As you understand, in short, it’s not worth it.

On the one hand you would end up with damage the car altogether in the long run, on the other hand there is the economic risk directly linked to a certain and extremely high penalty. Better to try saving in other ways.