fine of 7900 euros immediately

There are some maneuvers that when we are driving the car we carry out without paying attention, not knowing that they are actually very dangerous and for this reason they are prohibited.

fines for maneuver
Dangerous manoeuvre, the fine goes up to 7900 euros –

Driving is all about responsibility, attention and respect for the rules.

The highway code speak clearlythere are some rather dangerous actions that should never be performed unless you want to risk your own life or the lives of others.

Some maneuvers are prohibited by the highway code, here’s what’s the reason

Some maneuvers in particular are not just simple maneuvers that allow us to move. They are real gambles, if they are carried out recklessly, at the wrong points on the road they not only cause dramatic consequencesand but they are also easily punished.

Motorists sometimes in a hurry, in anxiety, do wrong things which they only realize later. It happens to be nervous or indecisive or angry because you are late.

In particular it happens when you have a commitment, you find yourself stuck in traffic, every minute that passes turns into anger. And here you have the brilliant idea of make a nice U-turn.

The reversing maneuver is typical of motorists who are unwilling or unable to wait, it reigns supreme in the hectic and stressed lives of those who may be delayed by just one minute.

But be careful because in some places this maneuver is not safe and therefore not allowed. All motorists must know where, when and why it is prohibited in order to protect themselves from any consequences.

Driving licence: this is when the points are deducted
Maneuvers –

Where and when the maneuver is prohibited

The u-turn maneuver is permitted on all roads with two directions of travelwith dotted line or absent, before starting it, however, some non-trivial things must be checked.

For example, there must be no traffic, nor must there be bumps or curves that limit visibility and which in this way can cause accidents.

Regardless, U-turns are always dangerous. In some places, where they are prohibitedthey become a threat. That’s where these maneuvers are not allowed.

The maneuver is prohibited on any road if it is raining, foggy or dark. Then it cannot be performed on the motorway, on one-way streets, near crossroads or curves, or at a bend.

Anyone who commits this infraction risks devastating penalties. If you make a U-turn at intersections or near crossroads, you risk a fine ranging from 84 to 335 euros. Same thing near curves or bumps.

If you run in conditions of poor visibility you will receive a penalty ranging from 318 at 1,272 euroswhile on the motorway the fine ranges from 1,988 to 7,953 euros, there is also the risk of the vehicle and the driving license being withdrawn.

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