that’s when we’ll run dry

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The petrol station strike worries all consumers in Italy, especially those who travel by car every day for work or to go to university.

Petrol station strike
Petrol station strike – Motori.News

They have already been talked about for several weeks, but now the date of the strike is getting closer and closer and they are disappearing all hopes that this will be undone.

At least once a year the gas station attendants declare war on the state, especially this year they couldn’t have done anything elseafter the increase in fuel prices has caused nothing but disasters.

Situation out of control for all Italian petrol stations

The situation has slowly gotten out of hand since the beginning of the year. Then came the coup de grace due to war Russia Ukraineat which point the prices became unsustainable.

Petrol and diesel are now above €2 per liter and will probably even reach €2.50 by the end of December. The Draghi government had initially activated the cut in excise duties trying to contain the expenses of Italian citizens.

The situation slowly seemed to have returned to normal, almost. Then something happened again that turned everyone’s lives upside down. The Meloni government, which had so promised the Italians aid and support, has decided to cut the discount on excise duties.

So if before a discount of 0.30 euro cents was applied to fuel, today it is it is only 0.15 cents cheaper. All of this, starting from 1 December, probably because the Meloni government needs to quickly fill the state coffers again.


Echo because the gas stations have called the strike

In this way the situation has become quite head and heavy for everyone. But be careful because the strike called by petrol stations does not have this cause but another very different one. All or almost all of the are involved petrol stations on Italian motorways.

Most of these dispensers are in dire condition, requiring quick and major maintenance and refurbishment to get back to work safely. The managers Anisa, Faib and Fegica had talked about this whole situation.

It had been decided that the renovations of all the petrol stations on the motorway network would take place in a few days, during which the petrol stations would not work but would still receive their salaries.

Instead, the service stations have been closed, by force of circumstances, the works have not been carried out and the petrol stations have not been paid. Here because from 13 December to 16 December the service stations of all Italian motorway networks will remain closedcause strike.