Highway Code, 665 euro fine and 8 points less if you don’t respect this rule

The highway code provides for very high fines if you do not respect these rules when pedestrians cross the road. You risk your licence.

Overtaking Highway Code
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How do you behave when you are driving and a pedestrian is about to cross the road on the pedestrian crossing? You stop regardless or if you think you have enough space, proceed anyway with the risk of perhaps getting insulted by what is defined as weak user of the road?

It is defined this way because, in the unfortunate event of an accident, it is what has a higher chance of taking even serious damage, especially in the case of the most fragile subjects, such as the disabled, the elderly or children. Pedestrian crossings must therefore always be respected, also because the Highway Code is very strict in punishing infringements that concern them.

Remember that a pawn always takes precedence when he is on the pedestrian crossing and wants to cross the street. You are obliged to stop in any situation, unless of course there is a pedestrian traffic light to manage the crossing. Once this last condition has been removed, in general the fine for motorists who do not respect the pedestrian crossings is very high.

Pedestrians on crosswalks
Pedestrians on the pedestrian crossing – Motori.news

In fact, it starts from 167 euros but, in the most serious cases, you can even get to 665 euros. The heavy sting also comes on the licence, with the subtraction of 8 points from your driving license. Naturally, as with all fines, the amount is discounted by 30% if it is paid within 5 days.

How to deal with pedestrian crossings: the harsh rules of the Highway Code

Assuming that the pedestrian must always give way, you must not see the crosswalks as simple drawings on the asphalt, but a warning that invites you first of all to slow down: if a person is about to cross you absolutely must stop.

As we have seen, if you are caught by the police, you risk suffering a fine capable of reaching up to 665 euros.

What happens instead if there are no pedestrian crossings? Does the pedestrian still have precedence or can we pass safely? Naturally you mustn’t put it underneath if you see it on the roadway, indeed in that case you must stop and give it precedence anyway. If, on the other hand, he is stationary at the side of the road and does not seem to have any intention of crossing to the other side, you can proceed aware that this time you must not give way regardless.

Pedestrian crossing
Pedestrian crossings – Motori.news

Be careful though, because the fine is still foreseen also in these cases. If the pedestrian is already on the roadway, you must give him priority, otherwise you will be fined the same amount as the one we have seen previously, with a maximum limit of 665 euros. Only the subtraction of points from the license changes, which “drops” to 4 compared to the previous 8.

Last case: the disabled person always has precedence, whether there are stripes or not. The fines are the same as those foreseen in the case of stripes, with the subtraction of 8 points from the driving license and a cash penalty of up to 665 euros.

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