1972 Toyota Celica Barn Found Back to Life After Quick Restoration

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Nearly every vehicle shed find is cause for celebration and writing articles about but there are some cars that are more valuable than others. Not because they are better cars in general but because they are rarer and more expensive on the market – and not only of course. And while we love to talk about classic cars being found after years of absence, there are certain models that always make our hearts race. And the Toyota Celica has always been one of those vehicles.

There’s a new video from PapadakisRacing active channel YouTube and took us to the warehouse where the 1977 Toyota Celica had been stored for 20 years. After two decades of waiting for a savior, the sports car has finally found a new owner – and its future looks bright. The good people of the channel will restore him, get him back on the road, and give him a new lease on life. Hooray!

This is an even rarer example than the stock 1977 Celica. The 2.0 liter engine under the hood has undergone several modifications and is more powerful than the factory number. In Japanese spec, this factory has about 140 horsepower. Most of the video is focused on the mechanical work done on cars and as you can see from the footage, not everything is perfect.

With most of the mechanical repairs and modifications done, the car sits and looks much better than before. The body is not perfect but that is not the goal – a quick restoration process involves only deep polishing and no repainting. It’s perfect from 50 feet and it’s more than enough.

This 1977 Toyota Celica is a reminder of a time when Japanese cars were just starting to leave their mark on the American automotive landscape. It is also a display of the power of fast restoration, and the importance of preserving our automotive heritage. This is a car that will continue to inspire generations to come.