Luxury London Taxi With Kahn Costs From $121,000

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Kahn Design – a UK-based company focused on visual modifications for various types of vehicles – has a new project and it may not be what you’d expect from a tuning company. We’ve seen exotic vehicles and sports cars from Kahn but this time, tuners have worked their magic on… a London taxi. Because every car deserves attention, right?

In fact, this is not the first time Kahn has been involved in modifying London taxis. Back in 2018, the company made a more luxurious version of the TX4 for delivery before its replacement arrived. This new luxury taxi is based on the newer TX5 model and goes by the name Farelady. The new cab has a much more modern look and luxury features that may exceed what you’d expect from a taxi.

Starting with the exterior, the TX5 gets a Maybach-inspired front grille and other minor touches to the front fascia. There’s also a roof spoiler but it doesn’t serve an aerodynamic function – that’s purely for aesthetic reasons. A set of forged and lightweight wheels completes the design changes on the outside – measuring 18 inches front and 19 inches rear.

The cabin gets the level of attention we’ve come to know from previous Kahn projects. The company says the seat design is inspired by the Bugatti Chiron and there’s also a starlit headliner, a feature we know from Rolls-Royce. Also worth mentioning are the wireless phone charging pads, switchable ambient LED lighting, and additional USB charging ports.

“It is always a privilege to work on what is truly one of the most iconic cars in the world,” commented Afzal Kahn, founder of Kahn Design. “The Last of Line edition was a huge success for us, with all the vehicles finding homes with private collectors. I look forward to starting the journey with new clients looking to have their own British history in the form of the TX5 taxi.

The good news is that the TX5 modified by Kahn doesn’t only come in a right-hand configuration – you can also have it with the steering wheel on the right. There’s some bad news, though – prices for a fully converted Farelady TX5 start at £99,000, which is around $121,000 at current exchange rates. You can have it in black, blue, silver, gray and British racing green with many interior combinations available.