Why do dogs pee on car tires? The reason is not what you think

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Have you ever wondered why dogs are attracted to car tires to do their business? There is a very precise explanation.

Dogs pee on the tires
Dogs pee on tires – motori.news

If you are a dog owner you will certainly know better than us that during the classic walk your four-legged puppy will be attracted by car tires to fulfill his needs.

Sometimes it’s a light pole, sometimes a corner on the street, but often and very often the toilet designated by our adorable little dog is the wheel of a car. Furthermore, you may have also noticed how the dog is almost driven to a stop and smell every rubber that he will meet on his way: and if you live in a town it is certainly not an infrequent episode.

Of course, moving on to the side of car owners, seeing a dog urinating on the rims of your car is not the best. For heaven’s sake, no one is saying that animals should keep it until they get sick, but it is the owners who have to educate them to prevent these episodes from becoming normal.

Why does the dog pee on car tires?

There pee for the dog it is an indistinguishable sign that marks its territory: leaving its urine in a certain area is useful for “informing” its fellows that it has passed through there. We must not forget that the sense of smell of dogs is highly developed compared to ours with ben 4 million odor receptor cells against our 200,000.

Dogs sniff car rubber
Dogs sniff car rubber – Motori.news

Therefore, what does the cars have to do with it? Nothing against our cars, but a simple matter of comfort linked to their height and the material with which the tires are built. The rubbers are located at the perfect height for the nose, therefore ideal for his and those of his kind.

Then there is a speech related to the rubber of the tires which does not absorb much the smell of the dog’s urine, giving the animal the possibility of leave its traces much longer compared to other materials such as metal. The wheel itself also gives off a smell that integrates perfectly with those of asphalt, grass and all those that a dog can notice on the street.

The problem then arises for the car owner, since the pee is corrosive and can end up damaging the rim. If certainly nothing can be done to curb the instinct of the little four-legged friend, on the other hand much more could be done as regards the education of the owners.

Wet gum from urine
Urine wet rubber – Motori.news

Attention: this does not mean that the dog must be forced not to urinate on the wheels of the cars, but if he did it would be advisable to bring a water bottle to be poured on the part affected by the pee to reduce the smell as much as possible.

On the other hand if we want to put a repellent we can try a mixture made of lemon juice or a little alcohol: both give off unpleasant odors for dogs. Of course, remember not to touch the tires or the parts of the wheel covers.