Former Ambulance Lives Second Life As Budget Camper


There’s no shortage of overland camper ideas out there. We’ve seen trucks, pick-ups and vans turn into a home away from home. There are megabuck conversions but also cheap and creative builds floating around.

Today’s Overlanders fit into the latter category. Nick and Reychel from Canada gave ambulances a second chance by turning them into cheap cars. The build time to convert a Chevy Express ambulance into a mobile home took about three months, the couple said. And if you include the purchase price of the van, the total conversion cost is about $12,000. If you consider the price of a new campervan, hair over $10,000 is a bargain.

So what are the living conditions like in a reused ambulance? Nick admits that it doesn’t have the most headroom as the box at the back is less than six feet tall. There are no showers on board, and drinking water supplies are limited. There are compromises, but this is a comfortable place to stay.

For those who worked around ambulances before, you could say Nick and Reychel did a great job renovating the interior. Limited space means the couple is intent on finding space-saving storage inside. The sofa doubles as a wardrobe, and the shelves are slim to maximize area. Keeping the van’s living facility running is a pair of solar panels.

About a year ago, the couple lived in a decommissioned ambulance for ten months. Ambulances have also crossed into the US several times, reaching the West Coast and Pacific Northwest in recent years. They document their journey on their Youtube channel and highlight the ups and downs of budget van life. Not only that, they also filmed the making, and you might find some inspiration for your budget bugout vehicle.


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