€75 of petrol given away, the amazing gift of this gas station attendant: here’s who can use it

In times of crisis, the gift that anyone in the world would love to receive is a petrol or fuel voucher given away. As crazy and strange as it may seem, a gas station attendant has seen fit to do just that: give 32,000 liters of fuel to his customers.

75 euros of petrol given away
75 euros of petrol given away – motori.news

The incident took place in the United States in April and apparently, still continues today. A gas station attendant on the first day of the month, has decided to donate 32,000 liters of fuel to those who showed up at his petrol station.

It may seem like a joke, the classic April fool’s joke, but that’s exactly how it went, lo can confirm the lucky winners.

There are those who give up cars and those who give away petrol, the different perspectives of the crisis

Speaking of fuel, many Italian families, in order not to go to service stations, have made the decision not to use the car for travel. Many have chosen public transport in order to save money by giving up their independence.

Thanks to the increase in costs that will undergo a sharp surge in January 2023. Already in December, costs could increase significantly, diesel apparently could reach two euros per liter per served within the next few days.

For this and many other reasons, some petrol stations in Italy have already announced a strike that will last 72 hours during the first weeks of December. If somewhere in the world there are gas station attendants who give away petrol, despite everything, Italy is hitting rock bottom in every sector.

Fuel increase - Motori.News
Petrol – Motors.News

What happened in the United States and what is the initiative of the young gas station attendant

Given the increase in petrol and generally fuel, what the gas station attendant did seemed like a miracle. Needless to say, the gesture was appreciated by many people.

The initiative was born from the desire to celebrate Thanksgiving Day, Thanksgiving Day. The man in question proposed a nice pun at the end of which he gave the winners petrol cans equivalent to 74 dollars (per person).

To receive the gift were all those who went to his distributor, or the service station Rojo Irving located in Norwood. He unleashed the delirium by publishing the news of his initiative directly on Twitter, on his account, at 8 in the morning.

Hundreds of people went to visit him and received gasoline as a gift. In Italy something like this will never happenabove all considering the current times and the crisis that grips.

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