New Lancia Ypsilon completely renewed, let’s take a look at what it will look like

Lancia Ypsilon is preparing to be reborn: the new generation will arrive in 2024, which will pave the way for design and technology.

new Lancia Ypsilon
New Lancia Ypsilon –

The new car it will be so evolved and will aim at the relaunch of an age-old brand.

During the Lancia Design Day various secrets were revealed and many clues were released on what the style of the Lancia will be all the new Lancia Ypsilon models of the future.

Car enthusiasts have tried to imagine what the new Lancia Ypsilon will be like through a rendering that it probably comes very close to reality.

Lancia Ypsilon says goodbye to the design of the past and becomes a crossover

According to a graphic reconstruction the new Lancia Y will abandon the old design once and for all, becoming a crossover. Size-wise, it will grow to 4.2m, it will become just like all other Stellantis cars.

The new logo will be present both with the writing on the bonnet and as a shield. The signature will be luminous, goblet-shaped, with two innovative elements that were unveiled at Design Day. There will therefore be three rays of light.

The spokes will be the mark of all new models, in this way, modern cars will be recognizable both by day and by night. From the front, there will be teasers, the alloy wheels will have a completely new design, with three elements that will reflect the style of the chalice.

Then as for the rear, there will be circular lights, all inspired by the Stratos design. In short, in general, on the production model there will be many references to the Lancia Ys of the past.


How will the interior of the new cars be

For example, historic cars such as the Flaminia, the Aurelia b20, the 037 strada and the Delta HF integral will be filmed. Obviously one cannot fail to mention the Fulvia coupé. The interiors will be 50% built with eco-sustainable materials.

The bridge will have circular elements, some Beta Trevi. There will be screens with controls for managing calls, entertainment and obviously the driving mode. Everything to simplify driving in any condition, minimizing distraction and inconvenience.

A great feature will be the curved screen with the steering wheel similar to Tesla’s Yoke. Simply put, Stellantis is doing everything possible to make the Lancia Ypsilon a car of the same level as DS, Alfa Romeo.

There should be no need to say that consequently the materials will be the best available on the market, the beauty will be extreme and so will the list prices, clearly higher than before.

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