Touch the hood of the car before you leave, it could save your life: everyone is doing it

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An absurd gesture can come in handy and can even save the life of those who travel by car, to carry out daily activities, to go to work or to reach school or university.

touch car hood
Touch the bonnet before setting off –

Before starting the vehicle you better touch the hood, tap or knock, the reason is important, which is why many already do it.

Generally, anyone leaving the house is in a hurry, so they get into the car without paying attention to anything and without wasting time, in order not to arrive late at their destination.

But unfortunately the fact that the vehicle could reserve some bitter surprises is not consideredwhich a few kilometers further on could even put a life and a day at risk.

Here’s what happens in winter especially in particularly cold areas

How many times during the year do you hear chand cats get stuck in the hoods of vehicles and don’t come out unscathed? It happens due to lack of attention from the motorist who start the car engine without paying attention to the outline.

In case something is out of place, especially a cat hidden on the car engine, things would take a bad turn. The feline would remain stuck inside the vehicle, once the car engine is turned on, the vibrations and the buzzing would scare it.

The cat would then jump and then fall into the fan or into the belt and that’s it. The consequence is that the animal suffers lacerations and in the worst case he even loses his life.

Machine has problems
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How useful it can be to tap on the hood of the car before setting off

For this reason all motorists they should remain vigilant before starting the car and therefore they should check the hood of the vehicle or tap, knock. If a cat were to be hidden inside the bonnet, it would come out before starting the vehicle.

As you can see, the gesture is very simple and it takes very little time, moreover, it allows you to save the life of a defenseless little animal that was simply looking for a shelter to protect itself from the cold.

Cats hide in the engine of vehiclesbecause they are attracted to heat. There is a remedy to dissuade them from hiding right there, and that is to sprinkle cayenne pepper around the car. The smell drives them away.

Then of course if it’s possible it is better to park the vehicle indoors, for example inside the garage to make sure nothing like this can happen. Alternatively, there is nothing left but to knock on the bonnet or sound the horn in such a way as to force the little animals to go away to safety.