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Due to the crisis, many people are looking for the easiest way to make money without working, therefore illegally. The easiest way that allows you to collect a lot of money is to steal cars or what is inside them.

autogrill thefts
Autogrill thefts –

This is why in recent months the thefts discovered by the police have increased throughout Italy, with arrests, complaints and so on.

Many victims of these thefts, they were at the Autogrill when they have been lured by expert gangs, real professionals able to act following a precise plan without being absolutely noticed.

Thefts in Autogrills, this is what happens during a short break

Most of these thefts took place in the Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia, where users stopped for a break they lost more than €4500. The investigations were conducted for months, by the police, which began in May and ended in August leading to the arrest of many people.

For vacationers, as well as for workersafter hours of drivinga break at the Autogrill is essential to regain strength and refresh yourself perhaps with a snack, breakfast or dinner, which allows you to get back on the road in peace and reach your destination, without fear of feeling sick or sleepy.

Unfortunately, however, Autogrills aren’t always what you think, that is safe places where you can rest peacefully, without fear and problems, given the presence of cameras and considering the fact that they are generally crowded.

All of this apparently not enough to stop the bad guys who always find a way to act. So a roadside grill turns into a mousetrap ready to harm anyone a little.

Autogrill scam - Motori.News
Autogrill – Motors.News

How the robbers carried out the robberies

To carry out the thefts in Veneto and Friuli they were men between 20 and 50 years old who selected their prey among tourists from Eastern Europe and foreigners probably aiming for quite high profits.

The criminals acted like this: they approached the victims asking for information, meanwhile the other accomplices punctured the tires of the cars. Once the unfortunate people returned to the vehicle they were aware of the tyres deflated or punctured and asked for help by moving away from the vehicle.

The thieves then offered to rescue the victims and replace the tires or repair them, in the meantime some of them got into the car and taking advantage of the distraction of the moment, took away anything.

They are often found in the cars of the victims cameras, cash, wallets, important and valuable loot.