Sock in the dashboard of the car, you should always have it with you: it works wonders

As strange as it may seem, in some cars you can find socks placed inside the dashboard. At first the situation can arouse a smile, in reality you need to know that they are used for cleaning the vehicle to get to the dirtiest parts and which are difficult to reach in any other way.

sock on the dashboard
Sock in the car –

Cleaning your car is important, why travel on a sanitized, clean, perfumed car, dust-free is everyone’s dream.

It is not enough to have it washed once a month or to carry out the necessary checks and periodic maintenance, to ensure that the vehicle with which we travel is safe and perfect from any point of view. Something more is needed.

It is not necessary to sanitize the vehicle, you can also proceed differently

Not everyone takes care of sanitizing the vehicle, there are those who have done it only in the midst of the pandemic and who never. It is not essential to sanitize the car and spend large sums, just try to keep the vehicle clean with a little attention and care and you’re done.

The first thing to do is to remove the deep-seated dirt. We generally buy products that cost a lot and that they are useless or deodorants that eliminate bad smellswe must know that all this is useless because the problem is only set aside and not solved.

How to clean the hardest to reach parts with a sock

Due to our daily commitments, being always frenetic and therefore in a hurry we neglect the car, which slowly becomes a container of rubbish. But don’t despair, because there’s always something to do without even spending €1. Keep a clean sock in the glove box it can come in handy at any time. There are those who wonder why a sock and not a microfibre cloth, here’s the answer.

Everything revolves around the cleaning method, the strategy used. First you have to use a pair of old or mismatched socks. The glass that we find for example in the drink holder of the car must be inserted inside one of the two. We start from here because at the base, which is difficult to reach with a microfibre cloth, there is dirt of any kind including dust, crumbs and hair.

Once done it is rotated inside the compartment and cleaned thoroughly. The same thing can also be done to clean the hardest-to-reach parts, for example the air conditioning fins, which often hide residues of dust and dirt that become encrusted over time. Just push the sock in with a clip and that’s it.

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