Here is the day of the week when fuel costs the least, incredible how much you save

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The price of diesel and petrol has skyrocketed lately. Many, therefore, wonder if there may be some tricks to save a few euros when refueling. There is a day of the week when the price of petrol is lower than the average. Which? Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Here is the day of the week
Here is the day of the week when fuel costs less – Motori.News

The fuel price in 2022 it is one of the worries for millions of Italians. Compared to before, in fact, it has risen considerably. The cause? The outbreak of war between Ukraine and Russia on Ukrainian territory. International tension has caused price increases in every sector, including that relating to fuel.

From the end of February onwards, the Italian government decided to discount the cost of excise duties from the price per liter of petrol and diesel. This measure has been extended from month to month, but now something will change. In fact, through a decree of the Council of Ministers, it was decided to reduce the discount on the excise cut.

It from 1 December it will go from 30.5 cents to 18.3 cents per litre. An increase of about 12 cents per liter of fuel, which will certainly not please millions of Italian motorists. How to save as much as possible after this umpteenth blow?

Do you know that there is a period of the week when fuel is cheaper? Here’s everything you need to know to refuel on a particular day of the week.

When to refuel? Here is the day of the week when you can save several euros

With the wild change in diesel and petrol prices in the last period, figuring out when is the right time to fill up is certainly not easy. However, there are particular moments and days of the week in which the price can drop by a few cents per litre. Conversely, on some days of the week refueling may cost you a little more. What do you need to know about it?

Refueling - Motori.News
Here is the most convenient day of the week to refuel – Motori.News

Let’s start by saying that on the weekend, refueling is always the wrong move to make. From Friday afternoon until Monday morning, in fact, the cost of diesel and petrol is always a few cents higher than on other days. The same thing happens near public holidays, bridges and holidays.

Usually, in fact, it is like this. The reason is related to a greater presence of cars on the street in those days. To avoid suffering heavy economic blows when refueling, therefore, it is inadvisable to refuel during the weekend or in the periods listed above.

Fuel prices, on the other hand, may vary on days in the middle of the week. From Monday afternoon, therefore, they can go down by a few cents and favor a smaller outlay of money in the motorist that needs to add fuel. However, as the weekend approaches, the cost per liter of fuel rises slightly again.

Refueling - Motori.News
The day of the week when it is more convenient to get petrol – Motori.News

These are the usual trends of the various gas stations. There is nothing definitive and therefore there may also be weeks or particular moments in which the variations do not exist. But if you need to get petrol, generally don’t wait for the weekend, but do it from Monday afternoon until Thursday.