on track against the ghosts of the past

Max Biaggi puts himself to the test by returning to the scene of the dramatic accident: the six-time world champion seems to know no bounds.

Max Biaggi (Twitter)
Max Biaggi – Motors.News

Max Biaggi does not want to limit his courage and he proved it less than a year ago when he touched the record speed of 470 km/h with the Voxan Wattman electric prototype at the Space Florida Launch and Landing Facility, at the Kennedy Space Center (United States). At 51 years of age he has no intention of stopping, not even in front of the ghosts of the past.

Many will remember the accident that the Corsair remedied the June 9, 2017 on the ‘Il Sagittario’ circuit in Latina, suffering spinal and chest injuries. Transported by helicopter in red code to the “San Camillo hospital in Rome” he was never considered life threatening, but he had to stay in the hospital for many days before being able to return home. The worst motorcycle accident of his life, riding his Supermotard Aprilia with which he wanted to participate in a race of the Italian Championship SM.

Max Biaggi the Corsair without fear

Max Biaggi suffered an absurd fall, at just 40 km/h, but suffered a very strong blow to the chest against the handlebars, an impact that fractured 12 ribs and a lung problem that forced the six-time world champion to have two surgeries surgery to save his life. After spending 18 days in the intensive care unit, he was able to leave the hospital on June 26, his birthday: “Before the second operation I feared the worst, I thought there was no way out“, the Roman champion had said.

That day he promised his father that he would never get back on the bike, but the temptation to face his fears got the better of him and a few days ago Max Biaggi returned to the same circuit and on the same bike with which he suffered that serious accident. “Five years after the accident, today I got back on my Aprilia Supermoto“, wrote the champion on his social profiles. “So many beautiful emotions and also contrasts. Difficult to describe, but I think you can imagine“.

In recent years Max Biaggi has played a managerial role within the team of the same name Max RacingTeam engaged in Moto3. From next year he will leave the leadership of this team after somewhat fluctuating events, but a new commitment in the premier class is expected for him. According to rumors that have not yet been made official, the Corsair could become part of the new satellite team Cryptodata Aprilia RNF, in collaboration with Razlan Razali. But everything still remains to be ascertained.

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