New Bullitt Movie From Steven Spielberg Starring Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper and Steven Spielberg partner up to reboot the classic Bullittbased on Deadlines. Cooper will play the titular detective Frank Bullitt. Both will be producers. Steve McQueen played the character in the original film from 1968.

The new one Bullitt will reportedly not be a remake of the original. Cooper and Spielberg began discussing a new take on the film during the pandemic lockdown, according to Deadlines.

Josh Singer is writing the script. He previously wrote Post, directed by Spielberg. He also wrote Maestroan upcoming biopic about composer Leonard Bernstein with Cooper directing and starring.

Original Bullitt is about a San Francisco Police Department detective who guards a mob informant until a hit man kills the gangster. The real highlight of the film is the extended car chase between McQueen in a dark green Ford Mustang and the two bad guys in a black Dodge Charger. Even now, the scenery is magnificent. If you haven’t seen it, the clip is embedded below.

The first hunch about the new Bullitt the film came out in February 2022 when info leaked that Spielberg was working on it. At the time, Cooper wasn’t attached, and the film didn’t have a writer

There’s still no info on when filming will start or a tentative release date.

The Bullitt Mustang became an icon after the film was released. The 1968 display-mounted car fetched $3.4 million at auction in 2020, setting a new record for a Mustang. For years, people had no idea where the famous vehicle was, but it made a comeback in 2018.

Ford also understood the film’s importance to the Mustang story. For the 2001 model year, the automaker Introducing the Bullitt GT More powerful 4.6-liter V8, lower suspension, and movie-inspired styling. Another version is available for 2008 and 2009 models. It’s back once again for 2019.

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