the secret revealed by the Italian engineer

Marc Marquez champion on the track and pure talent also inside the garage. The background revealed by Eng. electronic Filippo Tosi.

Marc Marquez (photo Ansa)
Marc Marquez – Motors.News

Behind the successes of Marc Marquez, six times world champion of the class MotoGP, there is also the hand of a great Italian engineer, expert in electronics: Filippo Tosi. He gained extensive experience with Ducati as an electronic engineer until 2014, then went to work in Magneti Marelli Motorsportbefore moving to the shadow of the Golden Wing from the 2017 season. He began to win championship titles, until the post-2020 debacle, when the ‘Carboncito’ reported that dramatic accident in Jerez.

At that point the Japanese brand embarked on a difficult period, entering a tunnel of bad results that led to no world title, only three victories in three years, and all with Marc Marquez not in top physical condition, just two podiums in the 2022 season (one with Pol Espargarò in Losail). But the engineer Filippo Tossi is certain: “We are the same people who have won so many years in a row“, he tells ‘Behind the Dream’. “I am sure we will get out of this situation“.

Marc Marquez master of telemetry

Marc Marquez (Ansa)
Marc Marquez – Motors.News

To tow the Honda Marc Marquez will have to think about it once again, capable of bridging some techniques with his talent. But this time a decisive step is needed from the HRC top management. The engineer Philip Tosia 40-year-old originally from Milan, had to adapt to an environment with a Japanese mentality, very different from the Italian and European one with which he had worked until 2016. “They are two very different cultures… but I think that is one of our greatest strengths“.

Almost every day he connects from Bologna, where Filippo Tosi lives, with Japan in view of the following races. A work that takes place at the first light of dawn to contrast the wide time difference between Rome and Tokyo. “And then in the afternoon I do my engineering work, when I produce results“. His presence is also alive inside the box, where he works closely with Marc Marquezan honor that not all electronic engineers can experience on their own skin.

And the eight-time world champion has something that makes him extraordinary even off the track, when he gets off his track RC213V and sits down on his chair in the ‘box’: “Sometimes he comes back to the pits after a session, I see him take a piece of paper and a pen to write the telemetry on that same sheet“, said Filippo Tosi. “Then I go back to my computer, check the numbers, and it’s exactly as he said. Honestly, I think it’s something from another planet“.

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